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Maps are a useful item. For graphic maps and geographic data, a great site is:
graphicmaps.com Here are a few examples of free maps available at this map site.

India Asia

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Public Domain Maps from the CIA Factbook

world politic time zones
Click for larger maps.

north am SE asia
Click for large maps.

Don't forget that Bryce takes USGS data and makes 3D maps like this of Tokyo and Mt Fuji.

750 x 480

We've made a slide show tutorial to illustrate how a map can be made into a globe with the Bryce 3D application.
Slide Show, Making a globe in Bryce

Click for more globes, More globes

noaa globe
NOAA globe animation,
public domain, about 350Kb.

XaraX and Xara3D in combination can create lots of great looking 3D and drop shadow effects for your maps... Just trace the edges of any map in XaraX even at very high resolutions and make an object to import to Xara3D. You can also output Flash files and animations.

Xara3D USA
Click for 570 x 375 pixels

red world
Click for larger red world.

Coffeecup Xara 3D GifMation Xara X
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